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It’s estimated that about one-third of the population suffer from varicose veins. Both men and women can be affected, although women do tend to be more susceptible. Varicose veins form when the veins in the legs can’t push the blood up to the heart. The blood vessels expand to try and help the blood move. Varicose veins are not a cosmetic problem: they do need to be treated. Here are four myths associated with the condition and the truth: Myth: If you don’t see the veins, you haven’t got a problem. Truth: Only about half of the people who have this disease actually see the varicose veins. Many times, the fatty tissue in the leg prevents the veins from being visible, and visible veins sometimes act as shock absorbers to help facilitate blood flow even with the condition. Remember, the first signs for varicose veins tends to be heaviness and aching in the affected area Myth: Running causes varicose veins. Truth: Exercise is good for the circulation and may actually lessen the extent to which varicose veins form, but running has no impact one way or another. Neither does standing for long times. “However,” says Dr. Barakat of Vein and Laser Institute, “if you do have varicose veins, standing and sitting without moving for long periods of time will cause them to deteriorate more quickly.” Myth: Surgery is the only treatment option. Truth: The Vein and Laser Institute actually offers many options, depending on your health and needs. Many times, surgery may not be needed, as advances in technology can let us detect and treat the source of the problem that’s causing the veins.  Ask us for what options would suit you best. Myth: Varicose veins will just come back. There’s no point in treating them. Truth: Today’s technology treats the cause of varicose veins in addition to minimizing the effects. Treatment to prevent varicose veins from returning is much more successful today than in the past. Make an appointment with the vein and laser team of Dr. Omar Barakat, Dr. Amjad Alkadri, or Dr. Vivek Mishra to treat your varicose veins and feel healthier and ready to face whatever life throws your way.
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