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  • I had a great experience with Dr. Bakarat and his entire staff. Dr. Bakarat was so personable and cheery with great enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and sincere understanding with me and he did an amazing job... I recommend him to anyone. Wish he was my GP. He has an excellent bedside manner.

    Jessie Ann L.
  • Dr. Barakat is one of the most pleasant physicians that I have ever encountered. He is kind, gentle, knowledgeable, and eases you through the procedure with simple explanations. He did an exceptional job on my left leg veins and the results were amazing! I would strongly recommend Dr. Barakat to any of your patients!

    John F.
  • I went for my initial consultation, and it was great! The office staff was wonderful! The medical assistant/nurse was awesome! She was very educated in her job and made me feel very comfortable! The doctor was very professional and answered any questions that I had!

    Amy W.
  • From the moment I walked in (on every visit) I was greeted. My most recent visit 10/08/21, I walked in and the receptionist had her back to me, she still greeted me, apologized, and asked to give her a minute. It’s nice being acknowledged even when someone’s busy. Every single staff member I came in contact with was so nice. It was like everyone actually liked their job! Everything was explained clearly and as I had my first procedure every little detail was explained as the doctor was doing it. I was asked several times if I was doing ok. I was getting my first of four varicose vein treatments. So that was my 3rd time there and I HIGHLY recommend.

    Angela M.
  • The doctors and staff at Vein and Laser Institute are Amazing. I had problems with my legs for years. I went to various doctors to diagnose the problem. They thought it was a food sensitivity problem, I thought what if someone had varicose veins, but didn't know it. When I looked up the symptoms, I realized that I might have varicose veins. I made an appointment, and sure enough, I was right. The procedures were pretty much pain free and there's no down time. The result? Pain free legs that aren't swollen. Don't wait for your doctor to diagnose your problem. Go to the experts at Vein and Laser Institute.

    Daniel M.
  • I had my first varicose vein procedure today with Dr. Barakat. From the moment he walked in the room he made me feel at ease. He explained every step of the procedure as it was happening. The procedure itself was quick with very minimal discomfort. The staff was professional and caring and I look forward to completing my treatments with Dr. Barakat.

    Janice H.
  • I had my first ever hydrafacial yesterday with Heather! I am thrilled with the results! My skin is so clear and soft today. The staff was very professional and the facility was SUPER clean! Loved all of it and will definitely be going back

    Cassidy K.
  • The staff is good nice friendly and professional, they make you feel comfortable. The institute is nice & clean with good equipment. Heather Parker stood out the most, she is very caring, knowledgeable, & really shows interest in your thoughts, concerns, & doubts etc she takes time to make sure you understand what's going on & gives you options for what's best for you without the greed & worry of losing a customer as some places do. Heather Parker TRULY goes above & beyond literally to insure her patients safety, happiness & health

  • My experiences with Dr. Alkadri and Jordan have been amazing!  Every suggestion he had made has been exactly the right thing.  One suggestion took 5 years off my face in 5 min!!  I am all about maintenance (I'm 46) but never want to look fake or over done and Dr. Alkadri has excellent balance.  If you need to freshen up your look go see them,  you will not regret it.

  • YES, I am giving 5 stars; in fact, I am giving 6 stars because I am crazy about this place! Jordan is a rock star! She performed CoolSculpting on my arms, and after a single treatment, I lost slightly over 2 inches in each arm! I am here now after a year doing a second treatment! Since my last visit, they have new applicators, which reduces the treatment time to 35 minutes per arm! It is truly impressive and fascinating! I must add that I exercise like a monster, but I just needed a little help, and Jordan helped me with her mad skills! The staff is amazing, and the office is beautiful, clean, and refreshing! The check-in process is easy peasy! If you have reached a plateau with exercise and diet, as have I, call Jordan today and schedule a time to relax and melt your sins away!

    Jamie K.

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I have received 2 PRP (platelet rich plasma)injections of my right knee by Dr. Alkadri and his staff over the last several months. After experiencing severe pain for over a year, and after undergoing multiple steroid injections with surgery planned for early October, I am completely pain free and cancelled my total knee. This clearly is not a placebo affect. I have no pain walking or after playing numerous rounds of golf! At 55yo, I want nothing more then to push back knee replacement surgery as long as possible.
I strongly recommend this procedure and I look forward to advanced PRP injections with fat cells or stem cells! This is a game changer folks, and that’s coming from a physician!

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My experiences with Dr. Alkadri and Jordan have been amazing! Every suggestion he had made has been exactly the right thing. One suggestion took 5 years off my face in 5 min!! I am all about maintenence (I’m 46) but never want to look fake or over done and Dr. Alkadri has excellent balance. If you need to freshen up your look go see them, you will not regret it.

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Thankful for the doctors and their staff, they were all great with our family!

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Doctors are very professional and make you feel comfortable.

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