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Heather Parker

Radiology Practitioner Assistant

Heather’s healthcare career began 23 years ago in St. George, Utah as a radiologic technologist assisting radiologists and performing radiologic procedures in CT, MRI, and mammography.

In 2004, she advanced from assisting physicians at St George Radiology to performing procedures herself in fluoroscopy, CT, and MRI, including breast biopsies, ultrasound-guided and nuclear medicine procedures. She taught radiologic technologists proper patient assessment and management, and served as president of the Utah State Radiologic Division of Professional Licensing board.

She moved to the region in 2017 to join Radiologic Associates of Northwest Indiana, continuing her work as a radiology practitioner assistant. After several months, she was given the opportunity to apply her extensive medical knowledge and expertise to exciting, new areas of patient care, treating the outside of the body as well as the inside.

In her position at Vein & Laser Institute, Heather is an essential member of a patient’s care team, whether for varicose vein, joint pain, or skin rejuvenation treatments. Her medical background and familiarity with minimally invasive procedures have proven indispensable when counseling patients on vein and regenerative therapies. Her compassion and empathetic nature make her a favorite with aesthetic patients.

Heather is inspired by the progressive doctors at VLI, who are forward-thinking and continuously researching the most cutting-edge options for patients, the latest being regenerative medicine therapies.

She enjoys learning new treatments and is excited about the advances in stem cell and Platelet Rich Plasma, as they pertain to patients’ medical and aesthetic concerns. She uses these therapies to treat pain, restore mobility, or rejuvenate features without the complications and downtime of surgery and loves seeing how these therapies improve people’s quality of life.

In addition to stem cell injections for pain and injury, Heather administers Platelet Rich Plasma for many cosmetic concerns from skin rejuvenation to hair restoration. She was trained by the Vampire Facial creator, Dr. Charles Runels, and has certifications in his Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, Vampire Breast Lift, O- Shot, and P-Shot. Heather also performs traditional aesthetic treatments like radiofrequency skin resurfacing and intense pulsed laser facials and injects Botox, dermal fillers, and Instalift thread lifts.

Passion for the job and dedication to her patients’ safety and well-being have won her a legion of devoted patients, both medical and cosmetic. She builds trust with them by discussing their concerns & goals and educating them on their options. Her custom treatment plans outline procedures, pre-and post-care, and potential side-effects, and she is always willing to talk with patients post-procedure about their results.

Outside of helping patients and keeping abreast of the latest technology, Heather is thrilled to live in Northwest Indiana and take advantage of the variety of nearby activities. She loves Valpo, going to the beach, and going to Chicago.


  • Registered Radiologist Assistant
  • Registered Radiologic Technologist
  • Registered Computed Tomography Technologist
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
  • VenaSeal Closure System
  • Absorbable PDO Threads for Skin Rejuvenation & Repositioning
  • Vampire Facial, Facelift, Breastlift, P-Shot, O-Shot
  • Venus Legacy, Venus Versa, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Radio Frequency (RF), Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Fractional Radio Frequency.

Regenerative Medicine

  • Lipoharvest & Protocols
  • Hair SVF hair protocol
  • Musculoskeletal Protocol


  • Master’s in Radiologic Science
  • BS in Advanced Radiologic Science MRI/CT
  • Associate’s in Radiologic Science
  • Associate of Applied Science

” Giving people the opportunity not only to look better but to feel better is what makes my career rewarding.”

susie hasselfeldt

Susie Hasselfeldt

Nurse Injector

When Susie made the decision 24 years ago to become a nurse, one of the things that made her decide to transition to ER nursing was her love of caring for others, getting them feeling better and back to their lives. That love evolved into a goal of inspiring and helping people love and feel better about themselves.

Esthetics provides a perfect outlet for that passion. She initially started helping people feel better about their appearance selling a luxury haircare line. She saw what increasing a person’s confidence can do and she was hooked. She decided to become certified in injectables and skin care. Being a Nurse Injector at the Vein and Laser Institute is an amazing opportunity to train in state of the art modalities to take even better care of her clients. She’s extremely excited to help make your skin and beauty goals a reality.

Susie has been married to her best friend Mike for 15 years. They enjoy golfing and working out together. She has 2 beautiful daughters, 2 beautiful granddaughters and an adorable grandson. She loves spending time caring for the kids on her days off and loves spending time in the pool with them during the summer.

“There is nothing better than seeing a client shining with confidence. I love knowing that a client feels better every day when she walks out the door. I truly feel like this is my life’s purpose.”

Jordan Fazekas

Cosmetic Technician

When Jordan joined VLI in 2015, she never dreamed she would be changing peoples’ lives. She began in marketing but quickly fell in love with body contouring.

Altering someone’s body image requires an expert technician with compassion, advanced training and an ability to produce phenomenal results. Patients get all three with Jordan.

Having performed over 1000 treatments, Jordan is a remarkable body contouring technician and a true expert in all things CoolSculpting. She participates in continuing education to expand her skills and creates treatment plans tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Her attention to detail establishes realistic expectations – the key to ensuring positive treatment outcomes. Her knowledge and expertise help patients make informed decisions and feel confident as they progress through their results-based treatment plan.

Jordan has been trained in a variety of laser treatments and has certifications in Hydrafacial, Venus Versa, Legacy and Viva procedures, as well as Coolsculpting, giving her the ability to transform patients from top to bottom.

She loves working with people and making her patients feel confident. “I meet and help so many different types of people and I love getting to know them and help them reach their goals.” Patients love her and their results so much she is often the recipient of flowers and gifts. “CoolSculpting isn’t just freezing someone’s fat. It’s about developing relationships, gaining trust and making patients feel comfortable and confident in their skin.”

Heather Luczak

Cosmetic Technician

Heather has always had a knack for all things beauty and her passion for aesthetics and cosmetics first took root when she began doing wedding and special occasion makeup on the weekends. Two years ago she transitioned from makeup to join VLI as a cosmetic technician. She performs body contouring procedures such as CoolSculpting® and Venus Legacy™ skin tightening, IPL hair removal, and facial treatments including HydraFacials, Tribella, radiofrequency skin resurfacing (microneedling), and intense pulsed laser (IPL) photo facials.

She’s learned many new techniques by attending continuing education seminars and workshops, and is certified in Coolscultping, Hydrafacial and Venus Viva techniques. She looks forward to learning more in order to provide her patients with the most up-to-date, non-invasive cosmetic procedures and treatments. “I’m excited to grow in an industry that is constantly evolving and changing, one that helps me help our patients be the best versions of themselves.

When not treating patients, she helps plan monthly specials and packages, prepares cosmetic treatment rooms, and schedules appointments. . On a daily basis, she spends a big portion of her time following up with her patients, and to her, this is the best part of her job. She answers questions and advises patients on skincare routines to maximize the results of their procedures.

“I love connecting with my patients and getting the chance to help them achieve their goals,” she said. “We often get very close with our patients after spending so much time with them, talking about our families and work. I think that giving women and men the chance to enhance their appearance or correct something that has been bothering them is so important. It gives them their confidence back and that can be life-changing.”

Candice Miles

Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS), Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (RDCS), and Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT).

Candice is an accomplished sonographer with 20 years experience in vascular, cardiac, abdomen/general, OB/GYN, and breast sonography, plus mammography and x-ray. In addition to her experience, Candace has several board certifications in her field.

She has honed her skills and is an expert with Venous Insufficiency and is an integral part of our comprehensive care team. Her warm, welcoming personality and infectious smile immediately put her patients at ease. She prides herself on providing compassionate care during every visit.

Her demure and intuitive nature, along with her skills, are invaluable in determining the source of a patient’s problem and outlining an effective treatment plan; she constantly collaborates with physicians, patients, and peers to collect as much information as possible. Her demure and perceptive nature helps her incorporate the valuable insights of these groups into successful outcomes for her patients.

“By being humble and intuitive, I have gained the knowledge to be confident in my ability to collaborate with others, facilitating positive outcomes for my patients.”

Photo coming soon!

Sara Oakes

Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS), Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT)

Sarah graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. She successfully passed the registry exams in both abdominal and vascular ultrasound obtaining the credentials for a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and Registered Vascular Technologist (RDMS, RVT) and has been scanning in the general and vascular areas of ultrasound for 8 years.

Prior to VLI, she was the Lead Vascular Technologist for Good Samaritan Hospital-Western Ridge in Cincinnati, OH.

She started at the Vein & Laser Institute in May of 2019 as a part time sonographer and is currently the lead full time tech for all of our vein patients.

“My favorite part of this career is developing one on one relationships with my patients. Our initial exams allow time to really get to know patients and their histories. I love seeing a familiar face in the office. It’s always rewarding to scan patients after a procedure and hear about the great results and the improvement in their lifestyles.”


Jennifer Gayheart

Registered Interventional Radiological Technologist

Jennifer has been with VLI since 2015 and has over 14 years of experience in radiography. She has a long list of responsibilities as our radiological technologist and is a vital part of the medical team caring for our patients. Jen assists our physicians with minimally invasive, image-guided interventional procedures, recording all aspects of the pre and post operative treatment. She prepares patients for procedures, which might include protecting areas that don’t need to be examined, positioning patients and equipment, and injecting dyes into a patient’s veins to detect anomalies. She observes patients during their procedures and reports abnormal activity.

As a registered and certified member of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), Susan underwent rigorous training, familiarizing herself with dozens of procedures covering the entire body. She has shown her commitment to high quality patient care by surpassing the rigorous professional guidelines set forth by this organization, as well as with her own exceedingly high standards.

A critical part of her preparation involves familiarizing patients with their procedures and the equipment being used. “It’s very important to me that patients are comfortable with the process. I answer any questions they have and try to alleviate any anxiety.”

Leslie Milde

Radiologic Technologist, AART

With VLI since 2015, Leslie prepares patients for procedures, which may include protecting areas that don’t need to be examined, positioning patients and equipment, and injecting dyes into a patient’s veins to detect anomalies. She also assists with complex procedures such as angiography, inserting stents into blocked veins and arteries, removing gallbladder stones through needle insertion, and deliberately blocking blood flow through embolization to prevent such things as hemorrhaging or tumor growth. She works closely with our doctors to ensure all steps of the imaging examination are performed properly.

In addition to her associates degree in Radiography, Leslie also holds an associates degree in Culinary Science.

“I love the diversity of my daily work, as well as the ability to provide continuity of care to my patients. I see some patients every week for 8 weeks and patients find it comforting to see the same face week after week.”

Mary Kieffer

Medical Scribe

Mary has been with VLI for years, and in that time, she has proven herself to be indispensable at performing a variety of tasks. She is adept at anticipating physicians’ needs before, during and after procedures, allowing them to focus on what is most important – treating our patients.

Our scribes work directly with the physician and clinic staff to collect test samples, maintain patient records, explain common medical procedures to patients and assist in basic examinations.

The assignments Mary handles in any given day are numerous and varied. From documenting medical visits and procedures as they are being performed to alerting the physician when a medical record is incomplete or incorrect, Mary’s discreet, tactful execution of her duties keep her patient’s appointments running smoothly and efficiently. She is also responsible for compliance with all legal and ethical requirements for medical documentation.

Mary is always available before, during and after procedures to ensure that you are comfortable and answer any questions you may have.

Nicole Brindley

Medical Scribe

Nicole graduated in 2015 from Indiana University Northwest with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She began working in the medical field in 2012 handling clerical and administrative duties. She came to the Vein & Laser Institute in April of 2016 as a social media specialist, but was looking for more. In 2018 she began assisting the providers with cosmetic procedures, as well as recording medical and cosmetic consults and follow ups.

In addition to her scribe and social media duties, she became certified and received training in CoolSculpting, Venus Legacy and Venus Versa and attends seminars to stay up to date on innovations in the industry.  She is knowledgeable in both our medical and cosmetic services and able to talk with patients about products as well as treatments.

Nicole is currently working towards a nursing degree.

“What I like most about my job is the variety of work that I get to do. I am involved with the behind the scenes work in regards to social media and the planning of monthly specials and promotions. I also really enjoy getting to see patients for both medical and cosmetic consults and follow ups. Overall, I love what I get to do at the Vein and Laser Institute, but I also love the team of people that I get to work with every day. They’ve truly become my second family.”

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Susan Malinowski

Scheduling Coordinator

Susan comes to VLI with an extensive background in administrative operations. Before becoming scheduling coordinator at VLI in 2014, she was the diagnostic imaging secretary for Porter Regional Hospital for 7 years. She has additional training in human resources which comes in handy as a contact point for clinical staff, referral sources and other health care workers as part of her scheduling responsibilities.

Although her primary duty is to coordinate appointments for patients and our doctors, Susan performs other tasks to support the smooth operation of our clinics. She provides accurate and detailed information to patients with respect to their test preparations and guides them on the time scheduled for their arrival, directions to the offices or other appointment information as needed.

In addition to working full time, Susan is currently pursuing a master’s in healthcare administration from Purdue University.

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Karen Urban & Judy Cochran

IR Case Coordinators

If you need help with insurance claims, chances are you’ve spoken to Karen or Judy. As our interventional case coordinators, they are happy to help patients navigate the insurance process for their medical procedures. They don’t just answer your questions. They work directly with your insurance carrier, acting as your liaison to get authorizations, provide necessary documentation, resolve eligibility issues, or answer benefit coverage questions.

And, if your procedure is not covered, they help find convenient financing options to fit your budget.

With over 19 years experience handling billing, authorizations, insurance and patient inquiries, there isn’t a question or a problem they haven’t seen.

“Let us do the legwork!”

Photo coming soon!

Erin Manley

Patient Care Coordinator

Erin joined the VLI practice in mid 2019, bringing with her 10 years of experience in the medical field, including running on an ambulance. When you walk into our office, Erin is likely to be the first person you’ll meet. She is warm and welcoming and always greets patients with a smile. As our patients’ first contact with VLI, Erin takes that responsibility seriously.  Whether she is answering phones, checking patients in and out, or helping them with paperwork, Erin is never to busy to make sure your visit to VLI exceeds your expectations each and every time.

Erin grew up just south of Chicago and moved to Indiana eight years ago. In her free time, she loves building or refurbishing furniture, spending time on the trails with her horse or settling in with a good book.

“I enjoy getting to know so many new people every day and assisting in any way I can to ensure their experience at VLI is an enjoyable one.”

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