LATISSE®: Prescription Treatment for Lashes

If you aren’t happy with the quality or length of your eyelashes, you may be a good candidate for an FDA-approved prescription treatment.

The LATISSE® treatment is designed for people with inadequate lashes, with full results typically realized after only 16 weeks!

To achieve optimal results, it is important to apply the topical solution every night, as directed.


As treatment progresses, you will begin to notice an increase in the length of your eyelashes, then increased thickness and darkness. If prior to completion of all treatments you are please with your results, just let your doctor know. He or she will discuss your options for continued use at that time.

Optimal results depend home application of the topical solution every night as directed. Stopping the use of LATISSE® could mean a return of your eyelashes to their previous appearance over the coming weeks and months.

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Clinically-Proven Results

The LATISSE® clinical study took place at 16 sites around the nation, involving nearly 280 participants aged 22 to 78. The purpose of the study was to test LATISSE® solution and a placebo. Neither patients nor researchers knew which group received which treatment (this is known as a double blind study). By the end of the study (week 16), 78% of participants showed a significant increase in eyelash prominence, including length, fullness and darkness. The placebo group showed only an 18% result).  Further results from the trial indicated:

  • 25% longer (2% for placebo)
  • 106% fuller (12% for placebo)
  • 18% darker (3% for placebo)

Possible Side Effects

Occasional side effects of LATISSE® include an itching sensation in the eyes as well as some redness. Less common side effects include eyelid skin darkening (due to increased melanin in the skin), eye irritation, dryness, and redness of the eyelids. These symptoms should go away with time. If not, talk to your doctor.

To learn more about LATISSE, call the Vein and Laser Institute. We would be happy to discuss the procedure and book your appointment for LATISSE. Contact our office for more information.

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