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Can I Get Venus Legacy After CoolSculpting? Woman with slim, toned bodyWhat many patients don’t know about cosmetic treatments is that, while alone, they can be great, a whole lot of them work even better together.

And, when it comes to body contouring, CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy stand out. These complementary therapies target both fat reduction and skin tightening. If you’re considering a one-two punch to slim down and sculpt those trouble areas, this might be the treatment combo to consider.


CoolSculpting is a popular, non-invasive, and safe fat reduction technique that uses highly precise and controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat cells. The science behind this treatment, known as cryolipolysis, involves the application of cold temperatures to  freeze your unwanted fat cells, causing them to crystallize and die without affecting the surrounding tissue. Over several weeks following treatment, your body naturally eliminates these dead cells. The result? A noticeable reduction in fat. CoolSculpting is particularly effective for targeting stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise, such as the love handles, belly, thighs, and under the chin. The major benefit of CoolSculpting is that it is surgery-free, meaning there is no downtime, and you are back to most daily activities immediately after treatment.

Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy, on the other hand, uses multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields. Instead of cold, this technology delivers heat beneath the skin. This process causes your body to naturally increase collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter, smoother skin. Venus Legacy is also effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. The treatment is comfortable, likened to a hot stone massage, and typically requires no downtime. Patients often opt for Venus Legacy for facial and body treatments to enhance skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin texture.

Combining CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy

When you combine CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy, you address two distinct yet related concerns: reducing fat and improving skin firmness. Here’s why combining them might be beneficial. CoolSculpting effectively reduces fat volume, while Venus Legacy targets skin laxity and textural imperfections. Together, they can reshape and tighten a treated area. In other words, Venus Legacy complements your CoolSculpting results by tightening the area and smoothing the skin’s surface after the fat is reduced. When used in conjunction, these treatments accelerate the achievement of your body.

Timing and Safety

A common question many have is about the timing of these treatments — specifically, whether they can undergo Venus Legacy procedures immediately after CoolSculpting. Generally, we do not recommend these treatments simultaneously. CoolSculpting usually requires a few separate sessions spaced several weeks apart to obtain your best results. Furthermore, it is generally recommended to wait a few weeks after your final CoolSculpting session before starting Venus Legacy treatments. This gap allows any initial swelling from CoolSculpting to subside and ensures that the area is ready for further treatments.

Maximizing Your Results

To maximize the benefits of combining CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy, consider the following tips.
  • Follow Post-Treatment Guidelines: Adhering to your post-treatment instructions can significantly affect your results. This includes managing minimal sun exposure, staying hydrated, and following any specific care instructions provided.
  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: The longevity of your results can be improved even further by a balanced diet and regular exercise, which help maintain your weight and skin health.
  • Regular Follow-Up Sessions: Both treatments may require multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. Planning these sessions as recommended will get you the best outcome.


If you’re ready to take body contouring to the next level, consider scheduling a consultation with one of our experts today. We can work with you to design a custom treatment plan for all of your body and skin goals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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