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Fat Transfer With Liposuction FAQ

Fat Transfer FAQHave you ever looked at your body in a mirror and wished you could move stubborn fat to more ideal areas such as your buttocks or your breasts? Fat grafting, or fat transferring, allows you to do just that! This successful and commonly used technique uses your own body fat to restore youthfulness to areas affected by aging, weight gain, weight loss, and more. Remove fat from pesky love handles, bra bulges, muffin tops, and certain areas in the face while enhancing other areas you want to feature by combining liposuction and minimal fat transfer treatments.

What Is Liposuction With a Fat Transfer?

Fat transfers with liposuction are used to give a subtle level of shape and volume to your face or your body. The fat is removed from a donor location by way of liposuction, and the fat can then be transferred to other areas of your body that need volume restoration. Fat removed from your own body makes for a safer filler that can be injected into other areas effectively.

Fat Donor Sites

You and your provider will select a donor site before treatment. This site is ideally located in the areas of the stomach, thigh, or flanks (love handles), or the face. The fat is then removed from the donor site with a unique liposuction technique that preserves the living fat cells while they are being removed. A laser is incorporated to tighten the skin while removing fat by breaking up fibrous tissue and restoring collagen production. The fat is then processed into pure fat, which supports the concentration of highly enriched stem cells. Because of their rejuvenating abilities, stem cells help the reconstructed area to heal, and can also enhance your final reconstruction results. The actual fat transfer is done carefully and skillfully by injecting individual droplets of fat into the area needing volume restoration with a unique instrument known as a cannula. Using a cannula prevents the small blood vessels in and around the injection site from bleeding. The fat then becomes part of the existing fat tissue, and the fat transfer location will appear naturally enhanced as a result.

Ideal Fat Transfer areas

While the breasts are one of the most common areas for fat transfer, the hands, face, and buttocks are also excellent options. As the body ages, skin loses elasticity and vitality, resulting in a sagging and wrinkled appearance. The backs of our hands are one area where we most easily show our age. Using a procedure like fat transfer allows for these areas affected by aging and gravity to achieve a healthier, plumper, and rejuvenated youthful appearance.

Is It Safe?

The fat used in fat transfer is like any other injection, some of it will stay, and some will not. Typically, about 30% of the fat is lost while 70% of the transferred fat remains. The most substantial advantage of fat transfer is that your body does not view the fat as “foreign,” so the body is less likely to have an adverse reaction. If used as a filler in place of volume enhancement and restoration, the recovery will be much shorter.

Am I a Candidate?

Fat transfer can be used on those who have facial areas that have experienced volume loss as it provides a more longer-lasting correction than fillers. If you’d like to learn more about fat transfer and if it’s right for you, contact Vein & laser Institute to schedule a consultation appointment with our highly trained providers.
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