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Vein & Laser Institute CoolSculpting Case Study: Sue – Part 3

Missed Part 1 of Sue’s Journey? Check it out here! See what happens in Part 2 of Sue’s Journey here! Valparaiso resident Sue Woodward said her first CoolSculpting appointment at Vein and Laser Institute was “pretty much what I expected – they make you feel very comfortable.”

Fat-Freezing For Fit Individuals

The now 55-year-old had decided that the non-evasive, fat-freezing procedure was the right fit for her to reduce a stubborn “flank” area above her buttocks at the crest of her hips. Despite her very healthy diet, working out six to seven days a week, and running marathons, the ultrasound technician’s trouble spot wouldn’t budge.

Learning What To Expect

After her consultation appointment with CoolSculpting Technician Jordan Fazekas, who explained the entire process, what to expect, recovery time, cost, and more, Sue was ready for her first procedure. As explained on Vein and Laser Institute’s CoolSculpting page, Jordan positioned the CoolSculpting device over the area to be treated, applying the cooling applicator directly.  

“You could feel the suction of your skin (and fat) into the applicator,” recalled Sue.

“You could feel it get colder and colder, and then you feel somewhat numb. It’s just a cold feeling and odd, but it doesn’t hurt.

Jordan then massaged the area where the CoolSculpting was applied.

“It’s was another odd feeling, but not painful.”

  CoolSculpting Treatment Each 35-minute applicator treatment needs a two-minute massage immediately upon the removal of the applicator, explained Jordan.  

“It breaks up the treated fat cells to increase the fat reduction,” she said.

  Preparing for CoolSculpting  

Appointment Length

How long the appointment lasts depends on how many areas need to be treated. In Sue’s case, her treatments took 90 minutes. Jordan said procedure times start at 90 minutes and go up from there, depending on how many applications a patient wants to do at that appointment. Patients always need more than one of the 35-minute applicator treatments.  

Post-Treatment Protocol

Jordan provided Sue with written information on what to expect after her first treatment and explained that she might be bruised or sore.Sue said she experienced some tenderness and slight bruising for about a week.

“One side was bigger than the other, which is not unusual.”

“It wasn’t a big deal. No one even knew what I was doing. I went to work the next day,”

said Sue, who is an ultrasound technician.

“It was really pretty easy.”

  Post-CoolSculpting Be sure to check back next week to find out about Sue’s CoolSculpting journey in the weeks after her first treatment and about her second treatment.    
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