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Vein & Laser Institute CoolSculpting Case Study: Sue – Part 5

Sue's CoolSculpting Journey Part 5

Sue’s CoolSculpting Journey Continues

Looking back over 2019, Sue Woodard of Valparaiso is thankful she opted for CoolSculpting. At 55, she was searching for a solution to her problem “flank” areas just above her buttocks at the crest of her hips. Despite her very active lifestyle that includes working out nearly every day and eating a healthy diet, Sue, who is an ultra sound technician, was still frustrated when there was no change in these stubborn spots.  

“No matter what I did, it wouldn’t go away. It was just my trouble spot – it drove me crazy!” Sue said. 

“The whole process was very easy,” she continued about the two 90-minute treatments by CoolSculpting Technician Jordan Fazekas at Vein and Laser Institute. “It’s a really simple procedure.” 


Non-Invasive With Zero Downtime Required

For Sue, the lack of downtime compared to more invasive procedures was a significant factor in her choice of CoolSculpting. 

“I was in and out of the office in two hours, went shopping, and continued on with my day,” Sue recalled. “I went to work the following day, and none of my co-workers even realized I had a procedure done – and, it’s well within most people’s budgets,” she added. 


Sue’s Final Results

Sue explained that at her last follow-up visit, Jordan took “after” photos, documented the final results, and answered any further questions and concerns she had. Sue was pleased with the results at the “great facility” of Vein and Laser Institute, including the “very accommodating” staff.

“From the receptionist to the technician performing my CoolSculpting, everyone made me feel comfortable,” she said. 


More Than Just CoolSculpting

Looking ahead to the New Year, Sue said she wants to look into facial cosmetics to help with my uneven skin tone and wrinkles.

“If you are like me and need a little help in obtaining your goals, I highly recommend this office,” Sue said. 

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