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Vein & Laser Institute CoolSculpting Case Study: Sue – Part 4


After her first CoolSculpting appointment, Sue Woodard of Valparaiso was thankful she gave the non-evasive, fat-freezing procedure a try. The now 55-year-old very active ultrasound technician stuck to a healthy diet, worked out six to seven times a week and was custom to running marathons. Yet, she couldn’t seem to shake trouble spots along what she called her “flanks” at the crest of her hips above her buttocks. 

Sue’s First CoolSculpting Appointment

 She’d first met with CoolSculpting Technician Jordan Fazekas at Vein and Laser Institute to get all the CoolSculpting facts: how it works, the side effects, the expected results, the costs, the recovery, and more.   At her first appointment, Sue was pleased that the non-evasive procedure, which lasted 90 minutes in her case, was a “cold feeling but not painful.” She was happy too that she could return to work the next day and had minimal side effects of some tenderness and slight bruising. 

Sue’s Second and Final Appointment

A month later, Sue returned for her second and final treatment appointment, which also took 90 minutes. 

“The feeling was the same. I was a little sore. There was a bruising feeling that last three days.”

Sue said regarding her second treatment. 


The Number of Required Treatments May Vary 

“A patient, who knows for sure they want a second treatment, can re-treat an area within 30 days from the first appointment,” explained Jordan. “Some patients choose to wait three months to see full results of the treatment and then decide from there.” 

“Jordan told me not to expect the results right away – that I would need to be patient – but two to three weeks later, I already saw results,” said Sue. 

“Even though Jordan emphasized that I wouldn’t see the total results until later. The entire process wasn’t done yet.” 

When To Expect Noticeable Results

A month after the second treatment, Jordan said that she’d “already seen major changes. I’ve already seen big results now, and it’s not even the full term yet.” While individual experiences may vary, many patients notice results as quickly as three weeks after their procedure, with the best results coming in at about the two-month mark. Sue said she saw the full effect of her treatment about four to five weeks after her second treatment.  Next week Sue will relay her final thoughts on the complete CoolSculpting process at Vein and Laser Institute. 
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