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Pre and Post Workout Skin Care

Woman with beautiful skin working out.You’re living healthy. Regular workouts have become routine. Whether you’re hitting the gym, getting out for a run, or practicing yoga, you’re all about that workout. Go you! But while you might be hyper-focused on achieving your fitness goals, don’t forget your face! Remember that it’s equally important to pay attention to your skin’s health before and after your workouts. With that in mind, here are some essential tips to keep your skin glowing and healthy while you break a sweat.

Pre-Workout Skincare

Healthy skincare starts before you set foot in your gym. No matter what time of day you work out or what workout you are doing, you should always prepare your skin for the sweat session ahead.

Minimal Makeup

We get it. You want to look your best while you work hard to look your best. But the first rule of pre-workout skincare is to go makeup-free, if possible. While it might be tempting to wear makeup to the gym, it can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Instead, opt for a clean, fresh face before you start your workout to allow your skin to breathe. So go ahead and cleanse and moisturize, but skip the heavy makeup. If you must, go minimal with a tinted moisturizer and a touch of mascara.

Sunscreen Protection

Protecting your skin from destructive UV rays is incredibly important for both short and long-term skin health. Unfortunately, it’s a step that is easy to forget, especially when you are focused on getting that workout in. But if you are exercising outdoors, you should make sure to apply a quality broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more before heading out. This habit will shield your skin from sun damage and premature aging.

Hands Off Your Face

Avoid touching your face during your workout. Your hands can carry tons of bacteria, not to mention sweat and dirt, especially when you are touching shared gym equipment. All of this grime can exacerbate breakouts and irritate your skin. It’s a good idea to keep a clean towel handy to wipe away sweat without using your hands. And make sure to end your gym session with a thorough hand-washing!

Post-Workout Skincare

After your workout, your skin needs a little TLC to recover from the sweat and grime. Here are some post-workout skincare essentials.


The first step in your post-workout skincare routine is gentle cleansing. Use a mild, hydrating cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type to remove all of the sweat, dirt, and excess oil left over from your workout. Avoid harsh exfoliants immediately after your workout. Since the blood will be flowing, this can irritate your skin.

Change Your Clothes

As soon as your workout is done, change out of your sweaty gym clothes, even if you aren’t able to hop in the shower just yet. Lingering sweat can lead to body acne and skin irritation, so make sure to put on clean, breathable attire.

Right Products for Your Skin

After cleansing, it’s time to work on the health of your skin with the right products. Post-workout is the best time to apply the right products since getting your heart rate up and inductance sweating increases blood flow and opens pores, so skin can actually better absorb products.

Want to Maximize the Benefits of Your Post-Workout Skincare?

Invest in high-quality skincare products that are specifically designed to address your skin’s needs. We offer a extensive range of professional skincare products that can help you maintain glowing and healthy skin. Let us help you achieve your skin’s best potential. Schedule an appointment today or browse our skincare line – after that workout, your skin deserves it!  
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