When to pursue vein therapy

Varicose veins and spider veins affect a wide range of individuals. The causes vary, as do the intensity of the symptoms. Some people with varicose veins or spider veins may be fine without pursuing vein treatments. For others, professional treatment is necessary to restore their quality of life and daily comfort.

If you’re uncertain as to whether your veins merit medical attention, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with our team to learn more. Some symptoms that indicate that you may benefit from treatment include:

  • Self-consciousness due to the appearance of bulging veins or dark spider veins
  • Discomfort performing routine activities like exercising and sleeping
  • Chronic pain due to veins
  • Venous ulcers (leg ulcers caused by poor circulation)
  • Any ongoing change to your quality of life caused by venous disease

Varicose Veins vs. Spider Veins

Varicose veins and spider veins arise due to different causes, and manifest differently beneath your skin. Varicose veins are larger and raised, and are most common in the legs due to venous insufficiency in the area. Spider veins are smaller and typically flat, and are visible through the skin due to their red, blue or purple color. Spider veins are common in areas across the body, most prominently the legs, chest and face.

Varicose Vein Symptoms

  • Aching legs or ongoing leg cramps
  • Tired or restless legs
  • Burning, itching, or throbbing legs
  • Swollen legs
  • Leg skin discoloration

Spider Vein Symptoms

Spider veins are typically painless and are primarily a cosmetic concern. Patients with spider veins in exposed areas of skin (especially the face) can seek treatment to improve their appearance.

Which vein treatment option is right for me?

Vein therapy is unique to each patient’s needs. The Vein and Laser Institute specializes in the treatment of spider and varicose veins, and our expert team will thoroughly evaluate your veins and discuss your options before proceeding with treatment. We offer a wide range of procedures appropriate for different patients, from minimally invasive options to surgery.

One of our physicians will meet with you and ask a variety of questions to determine your treatment plan, as well as perform advanced diagnostic tests of your veins. They will consider your overall health, treatment preferences, insurance coverage, and more.

Some of our most frequently performed vein treatments include:

  • EVLT – Endovenous laser therapy closes leaking veins to treat broken valves and varicose veins, and has a high success rate. Treatment is typically performed with only local anesthesia. Patients return to work 1-3 days after their procedure.  This makes EVLT an appealing alternative to traditional stripping and ligation for varicose veins.
  • Phlebectomy – Phlebectomy involves tiny incisions made in the surface of the skin. Your doctor removes diseased veins through these incisions. The procedure is minimally invasive and ideal for a wide range of patients.
  • Varithena – Vein and Laser Institute is the first clinic in Munster to offer this advanced vein closure foam. Varithena is administered using an ultrasound machine, allowing for a minimally invasive procedure.
  • VenaSeal – This FDA-approved vein closure system is also one of the newest and most advanced varicose vein treatments available in the Munster area. VenaSeal employs an adhesive to closing leaking veins.
  • Excel V – Patients with spider veins can receive downtime-free, effective laser treatment with the Excel V. This technology targets visible blood vessels to improve frustrating spider veins on the face, legs, chest and more.

What kind of vein treatment results can I expect?


How much do Munster vein treatments cost?

Our Munster office provides advanced, state of the art, minimally invasive vein treatments to Northwest Indiana. We do everything possible to ensure that your treatment will be covered by your medical insurance, and submit your ultrasounds to your insurance for approval before proceeding with treatment in earnest. Medical insurance will typically cover vein treatments, and we are available to assist you throughout the billing process.

Our Munster office is centrally located and easy to access, just off Calumet Ave and close to I-94. Request your appointment today to meet with our expert physicians in our state of the art office!

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