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Areas you're forgetting to apIncorporating sunscreen into your daily routine is the first step towards adequately protecting your skin and maintaining a youthful complexion. However, how you apply sun protection and where you apply it are two critical pieces that are frequently overlooked. Sunscreen should be applied evenly and everywhere not covered by clothing when you go out into the sun. Read on to learn the five most common places you likely forget to apply sunscreen, and what products we recommend for protecting your skin.

Your Ears

There are many instances where skin cancer occurs on the ears as this is often a forgotten or neglected spot that sunscreen application is missed. According to a 2007 study from The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal, the ears are the third most frequent location for non-melanoma skin cancer in the U.S. each year.

Your Lips

Your lips are just as susceptible to sunburn as the rest of your face. It’s recommended to keep them protected with an SPF of at least 30. Lip cancer is one of the most overlooked skin cancers; however, it is usually treatable. Your lower lip, in particular, is at a very high risk of skin cancer.

Your Eyelids

The skin on your eyelids is susceptible to sunburn and sun damage like the rest of your body. To avoid irritation, we recommend that you use sunscreen products specifically designed for this delicate spot.

Your Neck

As we age, our neck (much like our hands) shows neglect first. Sun protection is crucial for the health of your skin. Using sunscreen on your neck helps prevent various skin cancers. It also helps to minimize gradual texture changes, prevent wrinkles, and reduce your risk of hyper-pigmentation.

Your Hands

The tops of your hands, in particular, are a common spot for sun damage. Sunscreen should be applied to the backs of your hands throughout the day to avoid sun spots and aging. Additionally, hand washing or disinfecting our hands is done frequently throughout the day, so don’t forget to reapply often.

Finding the Right Sunscreen For Your Skin

A broad-spectrum sunscreen protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays, and using the right sunscreen for your skin is just as critical as using it correctly. Here are just two sunscreen options we offer: Skinceuticals  A gentle sunscreen fluid, Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 contains micro-fine zinc oxide (Z-Cote®) and titanium dioxide to provide broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays. This light, non-irritating formula is also formulated with artemia salina, a plankton extract that helps boost skin’s natural defenses against UV- and heat-induced stress. This silky fluid texture absorbs quickly and leaves skin with a soft, matte finish. Benefits
  • Leaves a sheer, weightless matte finish
  • 100% mineral broad-spectrum sunscreen protection, no chemical filters
  • Helps boost skin’s natural defenses to environmental stress
  • Water- and sweat-resistant for up to 40 minutes
  • Non-comedogenic, paraben-, alcohol-, dye-, fragrance-, and gluten-free
Zo Skin Health Sunscreen + Primer  This dual-action sunscreen from Zo Skin Health, with ZOX12® complex, protects against the damaging effects from UVA/UVB and IR-A rays, and HEV light. Hydrates and doubles as a makeup primer for a smooth matte finish, diminishing skin imperfections. Benefits
  • Exclusive 12-hour, time-release ZOX12® antioxidant complex, guards against photodamage
  • Provides daily multi-defense protection from UVA, UVB and high-energy visible (HEV) light
  • Can be used alone or worn under makeup for a more even, long-lasting application
  • Helps to smooth the skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines

Sun Protection is an Everyday Effort

Most of us know the importance of wearing sunscreen in the summer months to avoid sunburn and skin damage; however, sun protection is a year-round and everyday effort. Even on an overcast day, up to 80% of the sun’s rays can pass through clouds. Sunscreen is an imperative preventative healthcare habit that should be worn every day, even during the winter months. At Vein & Laser Institute, we strive to help our clients protect their skin with the best sunscreen products available. Visit our online store to purchase your favorite sunscreen product today and use code “SUN” at checkout for 30% off your purchase!
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