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If you’re trying to stop time from walking across your face, ask the Vein and Laser team about Sculptra, a safe, non-allergic synthetic injectable offering results that last for up to two years. What makes Sculptra stand out is that it builds facial volume gradually, giving you a natural look. Sculptra is most commonly used in the cheek to add fullness and decrease laugh lines. Aging skin loses collagen, the protein that keeps the skin from sagging. Sculptra isn’t collagen, but it does replace the components of the skin that diminish naturally when aging, refreshing your natural glow for longer. Although the Vein and Laser team recommends a series of Sculptra injections for best results, you will immediately notice volume in the face. As you continue treatment, the area where it was injected will build collagen. Most patients experience neither swelling nor bruising. Sculptra has been approved by the FDA, and you should make sure to get treatment from a skilled dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Dr. Omar Barakat, Dr. Amjad Alkadri and Dr. Vivek Mishra are trained to inject Sculptra to get the best results and replenish your youthful beauty.
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